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Healthy Relationships


This section like it's namesake is dedicated to helping you find wise, practical ways to enrich your relationships. Whether you're looking to deepen a friendship, relate better to a co-worker or finally get through to a teenager, this is a great place to start!

The Key to Great Healthy Relationships

by Dr. Monte E. Wilson, III

"Encouraging words cause life and health,
griping brings discouragement."

Proverbs 15:4



Learning & Changing

pictureLiving Rich
Discovering the rich life God intends for you…

Living rich is loving and being loved, moving in love, being motivated by love, sharing love in little ways (sensitivity, discretion, courtesy, reciprocation, wise counsel, listening empathetically, as well as direct assistance, life saving assistance, etc.)



pictureThree Rules of Effective Communication
By C. V. Doner

Ever wish your mate, friends, or co-workers would take a class in communication?

Don't you think a course in communication should be mandatory in public school? But of course, it's not. It's assumed we all know how to communicate. This clearly false assumption (remember some of your teachers?) is largely responsible for most playground fistfights and world wars, divorces and bankruptcies, and frustrated relationships--at home and on the job.


Love & Intimacy

pictureNine not-so-simple steps to finding your "soul-mate"

After personally watching a number of supposed "soul-mates" crash and burn, I'm a little hesitant even to use the term. Perhaps we should redefine the essence of our quest as "finding a lifetime partner" or a "life-mate."